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Wondering How to Find Out Your Fetish? Eazy-Peazy

Am I Normal? Do I Have a Fetish?

In principle, there is nothing wrong with the fact that a person is turned on, for example, by nurses’ costumes (such a passion is called a med fetish). Or, some are terribly attracted to the sight of bare feet. The main thing to ensure your next relationship will be a happy one is to find a person who is not deterred by such sexual desires but rather attracted. Today we will dwell in more detail on the topic of fetishism and will try to help you to understand if you’re into any fetish of the twenty-first century.

Reasons of fetishism

Until now, the question of when and how people form such strong attachments in sexual terms remains open. The scientific community regularly conducts many sociological surveys, research, tests and uses the latest techniques. At this stage, the verdict is ambiguous. However, some main points were identified in most of the studied objects:

Strong emotional shake

The human brain works amazingly. It happens that in a stressful situation, we experience very strong emotions and experiences. As a result, the brain blocks these memories, as if erasing them from our memory. However, the experience still leaves indelible marks. You cannot even explain where you have got an incomprehensible inclination, what caused the emergence of a sexual fetish in your life. To find your fetish or to find out if you have one, you can ask for help.

If this problem is very worrisome for you, then you can turn to specialists for help. Psychologists can get to the bottom of your consciousness to get out all the most serious shocks sources of your fetishization. At this stage, something can be revealed that you never thought about and did not remember that certain situations happened to you that influenced the sexual development of your personality.

Find Out Your Fetish

If I have a Secret Fetish, How to Understand Where I Got it?

Past sexual experience

Suppose that during your very first sexual contact, some object came into the field of your view, which later became your fetish. Or your first time happened during music played. As a result, from accompanying sounds during sex, you could begin to feel more aroused.

Or your past partner had long red nails. She did not take off her stockings during intercourse, did not undress completely. Since you have had feelings for her, you try to build all further contacts with women in such a way that the attributes that you previously liked were always present.

By the way, an interesting fact is that the popular American singer Elvis Presley openly declared his sexual attraction to girls who don’t take off their clothes during sex. Maybe it is your case too?

Popular fetishes

If you ask yourself, “what is my fetish” – don’t go in seeking partners at SeekMeetDate blind. There are enough surveys and online tests to take. On the other hand, we can share our knowledge on some very popular fetishes and if you feel your increased interest in one of them – it might be your one.

It is no secret that increased libido can occur due to completely different things, body parts, sounds, and smells. Let’s try to understand what types of fetishes are especially common now. This list was created solely based on opinion polls. Of course, keep in mind that many people will never report strange sexual addictions, either publicly or anonymously.

Let’s Start Searching Your Fetish

Most Popular Fetishes (Including Foot Fetish)

Med fetish

People tend to be more sexually attracted to wardrobe items. One of the most common sexual fantasies is a man or a woman in a uniform. People of both genders are often turned on by the sight of nurses or doctors. They talk about this quite openly because costumes for such role-playing games are sold in a huge variety in sex shops, just like the outfit of a stewardess or a maid.

Foot fetish

Foot fetish is one of the sub-items of sexual deviation, which is called partialism. It lies in the fact that people are wildly aroused by the sight of those parts of the body that are usually considered completely unattractive.

So, those who like to gaze at the feet are called foot fetishists. They just go crazy at the sight of well-groomed bare legs, the fingers on which are funny to move. By the way, it is noted that men adore the red pedicure of women. This color is a direct signal to action for them.

Exactly the same passion a foot fetishist can have for shoes. The most popular passion is women’s shoes with a high narrow heel (stiletto heel). The fetishist can kiss not only the feet themselves but also interact with the shoes.

Lingerie fetish

It turns out that all over the world, there are hundreds of thousands of men, and even women, who enjoy contact with someone else’s worn underwear. In Japan, this addiction has spawned a whole business of selling lingerie online.

Let’s say a girl wore a thong for a day. She does not send them to the laundry basket to wash and use the panties again in the evening. She has a thick plastic bag, and a wardrobe item is sent there. Then, through the Internet, a buyer is quickly found ready to pay far from a hundred dollars but much more to become the happy owner of stale underwear.

Today it becomes easier to talk about your desires and inclinations in bed. Society is developing tolerance towards kinky practices, thereby admitting that people are different, same as their preferences, and this is the right thing.

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